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SHANGHAI QIYAO ENVIRONMENTAL TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. is a subsidiary of Shanghai Qiyao Technology Group Co., Ltd (Shanghai Marine Diesel Engine Research Institute). It is an industrial platform of marine environmental protection equipment of CSSC, and is mainly engaged in the R&D, design, manufacturing, consultation and service of sophisticated environmental protection equipment of marine exhaust gas treatment, waste water treatment, solid waste treatment; and fuel supply system of LNG, LPG, methanol, ammonia, etc.

Qiyao Environ Tec holds the idea of supporting green-ship technology development, and is committed to providing GHG and pollutants emission reduction solutions for ship, in order to contribute to build a world of blue sea and clear sky.





    As one of the earliest domestic research institutes engaged in marine emission treatment equipment like EGCs and SCR, Qiyao Environ Tec has undertaken more than 10 national and local R&D projects in marine emission control technology, including National Science and Technology Support Program, MIIT High-tech Ships Program, National Key R&D Plan, etc, and has made breakthroughs in a series of key technologies, for example, on-line preparation of urea solution, temperature management of waste gas and efficient treatment of desulfurization wastewater.

    In addition, we have completed a series of the R&D, test verification and real-ship demonstration of marine EGCs and SCR, and has obtained approval of classification societies including CCS, DNV-GL, ABS, BV, NK, etc. All series of SCR has obtained FTA from main-engine patent companies such as MAN and WinGD.



    Qiyao Environ Tec's EGCs and SCR perform well in the market, more than 200 sets of EGCs and more than 400 sets of SCR have been well-delivered.

    Our products are selected by world famous ship owners such as COSCO, SHANDONG SHIPPING, Evergreen, T.S. Lines, YANGMING, CHINA MERCHANTS, MSC, etc.

    New products such as FGSS,IGG, IGS and Nitrogen Generator has attracted much attention, and FGSS has successfully won the bid of NYK's four 7000PCTC.



    In order to cope with climate change, China has made serious commitments, such as "peak carbon dioxide emissions before 2030 and achieve carbon neutrality by 2060", which has been written into government work report.

    The IMO has set medium and long-term goal of reducing 70% of GHG emissions in marine industry by 2050 compared with that in 2008.

    Qiyao Environ Tec holds the idea of supporting green-ship technology development, and continues to carry out R&D in technologies and equipment for post-emission treatment and low/zero-carbon fuel supply system such as CCS, DPF, methane escape control system, fuel supply system of ammonia/hydrogen, etc, which could provide global ship owners with collaborative emission reduction solutions of GHG and pollutants.


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