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Received Bulk Orders for Marine Desulfurization Systems from MSC


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China Shipbuilding 711 Institute





On September 6, SMDERI and Guangzhou Shipyard International Company Limited(CSIC) held the signing ceremony of desulfurization system for 8 16000TEU container ships in Guangzhou. Dong Jianfu, Director of SMDERI, and Chen Zhongqian, Chairman of CSIC attended the ceremony.





As a new generation of green, high-efficiency and energy-saving large container ship, this type of vessel is equipped with desulfurization system to meet the latest environmental emission standards. The desulfurization system will adopt double U-tower, magnesium-based-seawater method and hybrid desulfurization process, which will achieve 0.1%S desulfurization effect while taking into account the stack arrangement (no box loss) and operational safety (no strong alkali), which is very friendly to shipyard manufacture and shipowner operation.


This project is another in-depth cooperation between SMDERI and MSC in the field of ship exhaust treatment after the 19000TEU container ship desulfurization system renovation project, and is also the first cooperation between SMDERI and CSIC in the field of marine desulfurization system after several previous marine denitrification system projects, which fully reflects the high recognition of the world famous liner companies and domestic famous shipyard enterprises to the products and services of SMDERI's desulfurization system. SMDERI will do its best to continue to uphold the concept of "customer-oriented" and provide applicable products and satisfactory services for CSIC and MSC.


During the symposium, both sides discussed the future of marine exhaust control and the application of low-carbon and zero-carbon fuels, and hoped to seek cooperation opportunities in the above-mentioned fields to jointly contribute to the sustainable development of China's high-level marine manufacturing industry.