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The world's first full process Onboard Carbon Capture and Storage System (OCCS) has been successfully delivered


Recently, Qiyao Environ Tec's Onboard Carbon Capture and Storage System (OCCS) has successfully completed sea trial on EVER TOP, a 14000TEU container vessel from Evergreen Shipping. Sea trial results meet all required technical performances and design standards. The delivery was witnessed by all parties including ship owner EVERGREEN and NK Classification Society.



Onboard carbon capture technology selectively captures and separates CO2 from vessel exhaust gas using amine adsorbent. The captured CO2 will then be compressed and liquefied for transportation and storage/utilization. OCCS mainly consists of absorption module, separation module, compression and liquefaction module, and storage module.


Qiyao Environ Tec has successively broken through key technologies such as efficient CO2 capture, low-energy CO2 separation, and low-temperature CO2 deep liquefaction. It has developed a prototype of OCCS with independent intellectual property rights, which can provide maximum 80% net CO2 capture rate and minimum 99% CO2 purity. In addition, by applying core technologies such as new type adsorbent and module-based parameter control, the energy consumption of the system has been significantly reduced and performance has reached international leading level.


This project is the world's first application of full process OCCS on a commercial vessel that covers absorption, separation, liquefaction, and storage. With the strong support of Evergreen Shipping, Qiyao Environ Tec’s years of technological innovation in the field of ship emission control have finally yielded results, which is of great significance for promoting industry standard construction and supporting IMO's greenhouse gas emission reduction strategy decision-making.

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