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(The Exhaust Gas Cleaning System)

As a crucial method to follow MARPOL 73/78 Annex VI, Qiyao Environ Tec provides ship-owners with open-loop, closed-loop, and hybrid EGCs that could be used for different types of vessels and shipping routes. Its system performance and quality reach the requirements of related regulations , and over 200 sets of EGCs have been well-delivered till now.


(The Selective Catalytic Reduction System)

Facing the increasingly stringent IMO Tier III regulations, Qiyao Environ Tec provides ship-owners with all types of SCR product in marine market, with reliable performance, compact structure and easy maintenance. Qiyao Environ Tec is one of few SCR manufacturers in the world who has achieved full coverage of high, medium and low speed diesel engines. By the end of 2020, we have already received more than 400 orders of SCR.


(The Fuel Gas Supply System)

Based on rich experience in the research of vacuum insulation, system safety, shock resistance and other key technologies of cryogenic liquid oxygen system for special ships, Qiyao Environ Tec has successfully developed the Fuel Gas Supply System (FGSS) that could be used for dual fuel and gas fuel ships, and has realized full coverage of low pressure FGSS (6-16bar) and high-pressure FGSS (over 300bar). At present, Qiyao Environ Tec’s FGSS has obtained the approval from DNV-GL and has received more than 10 orders of ocean-going ship.


(CO₂ Capture And Sequestration System)

Aiming at the problems of greenhouse gas emissions of ships, based on CO₂ capture technology in power plant field and rich experience accumulated in the development of efficient gas-liquid contact, structural design, low-energy self-adaptive control technology of scrubbers for many years, Qiyao Environ Tec has successfully developed the CO₂ capture storage system with high carbon capture rate, low operative energy consumption with compact size. The CO₂ emission reduction rate can reach over 80%, with its system performance and quality index meets requirements of related regulations.

More Products

Guided by the goal of the reduction of ship pollution and carbon, aiming at emission problems such as the black carbon, CO2, CH4 and other greenhouse gas that future regulations will focus on, Qiyao Environ Tec has successfully developed the CCS, DPF, MOC, MFSS, LSC , etc.